Web Development

  • Custom Web Applications
  • User Interface development
  • jQuery plugins
  • Linux server maintenance

At Clickonce we love the Web.

We're eager to work with you to develop custom, cutting-edge web applications that enable your business to function and collaborate with your customers. From online shops to engagement surveys to full content-management systems, we do it all. We're happy to help you develop internal applications for processes such as inventory tracking or employee performance, whatever makes your day-to-day easier on you.

We are experts when it comes to Web-enabled database applications with full-featured multi-level user access!

Some examples of our work:

  • The GameOn Sports Management system

    • A full-featured league management system
    • Online, interactive calendars
    • Automated scheduling and assigning tools
    • Automated user-notifications and text-messages
    • Interactive Mapping tools
    • Player/User registration
    • Payroll processing
  • Compensation Survey Software

    • Collects survey results from multiple participants
    • Accepts Excel Files for import
    • Automated report documents generated in Excel and PDF
    • Automated chart outputs
    • Interactive data charts and anomaly reporting
  • Customer Document Management and Document Share

    • Creates individual document shares for Customer sites
    • Provides user access to customers
    • Customers can refer to web application at any time to download associated documentation

User Interface development

Do you have a website design that's fantastic but needs more functionality in the browser?

Our team has years of experience developing front-end web user interfaces. Drop-down menus? Interactive Calendars? Calculators? We can do that.

jQuery plugins

We do jQuery too! Do you have a web service that you'd like to supply a jQuery plugin for so that other websites can plug-and-play your service into their site? We can help with that.

We have years of experience working with Linux and Apache. We can help you configure your server to best meet your needs.