Enterprise Reporting

Understand your data and get accurate, up-to-date details on your Key Performance Indicators!

  • Cognos
  • Crystal Reports
  • Reportsmith

Enterprise Reporting

Enterprise reporting keeps your business's key performance indicators at your fingertips, keeping you informed and helping you make the right decisions.

Clickonce can help you to build complex, business critical reports relying on the data that you already collect in your organization's databases. From HR to Finance, we can help you analyze your data by designing resuable reports allowing for year-over-year comparison, or trend correlations to specific data constraints.

Our experts will design the reporting you need to run within the reporting environment you already have established. We have experience designing for Cognos, Crystal Reports and Reportsmith, but we can design for any reporting environment that accepts SQL.

Some examples of our work:

  • Turnover reporting

    • Analyze your employee turnover losses
    • Correlate to indicators such as pay, performance, etc.
    • Compare trends in turnover period-over-period
  • Employee churn reporting

    • A balance sheet of employee transactions
    • Compare head count at the start of a period to the end, accounting for all of the movement in between to help understand the stability of your workforce