Workflow Optimization & Excel Automation

  • We can help you compress hours of work into minutes!
  • Broken macros? We fix those too.

At Clickonce, we are passionate about efficiency and optimization. Why spend hours every day or every week doing the same task over and over, when we can write a process that takes seconds to launch and only minutes to run? We have a proven track record of automating tedious tasks and freeing up your employee resources so that they can work on more value-added tasks.

If you have redundant, repetitive tasks - things that take a long time and it seems like there should be an easier way - don't worry, there probably is.

Clickonce can help you identify processes in your normal workflow that can be optimized, tasks that can be automated. Following a workplace evaluation we will identify and document our proposed solutions and get you on the road to ROI.

Some examples of past projects

  • Paperless Forms

    Using Microsoft Excel, we've developed paperless form systems for data collection that interface with enterprise databases or other software systems.

    As an example, we've developed new hire employee forms for Human Resources. The form itself enforces validation rules so that only statuses, job titles, salaries, etc. that are permitted per corporate policy are permitted. Once validated the form is submitted to the human resources department where it is coded and then automatically imported into the HRIS or Payroll system eliminating the need for the data to be re-keyed in the HR department.

  • Timesheets

    Both in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access, we've developed timesheets for both project time tracking and for payroll hours.

    In both cases we are able to build in validation rules and calculations to ensure that hours are correctly recorded, logged to the correct cost-center (where applicable) and that all required legalities are followed (ie. mandatory break-time, overtime calculations).

    Timesheets can be automated to interface with payroll systems or other database to eliminate any need to re-key the data

  • Chart Automation

    Using Microsoft Excel, we can automate the creation of hundreds of charts compressing days of work into minutes.

    Using a supplied datasource, rather than engaging an employee to create a chart for each record in the dataset at the cost of minutes per chart, we can optimize the process by automating the output of charts to PDF, Power-point, Word or Excel - taking only seconds per chart.

Do you have legacy Excel spreadsheets or Macros created by past employees who had better knowledge of Excel?

When these spreadsheets no longer fit your business requirements; or the Macros stop working because of changes to the spreadsheet - it can mean making wholesale changes to your business processes, and possibly abandoning automation so that you can manage your business needs.

Clickonce Business Solutions can help! We are Excel and VBA Macro experts!

We can help diagnose problems in existing programs, or identify solutions for integrating new business processes into existing automations.

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